Texas State Car Insurance Law Texas law requires that every driver have the minimum liability coverage required by the state. Liability insurance covers damages caused to other drivers and property due to accidents you cause. The current minimum liability limits in Texas are:
- Bodily Injury
- $30,000 for each injured person in any one accident.
- $60,000 for all persons in any one accident.
- Property Damage
- $25,000 for any one accident
Penalties for Driving Without Texas Auto Insurance If you are caught driving without auto insurance in Texas a first conviction will result in a fine between $175 and $350. Any convictions after that could result in fines of $350 to $1,000, suspension of your driver's license, and your car could be impounded.
Proof of Insurance To avoid these fines, all you need is proof of insurance. Proof of insurance is required any time you are pulled over by a law enforcement office, have an accident, renew your car's registration, get a new drivers license, or get a car inspection.

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